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Bakeware and Cookware

Made in the USA

American Made Bakeware and Cookware is getting harder and harder to find.  But, yep, you guessed, it, we have it.  Although our current offering of American Made Cookware isn't as large as we would like it to be, rest assured we are working hard to find and add more manufactures of fine products Made in the USA. 

Hartstone Pottery products are just down-right awesome.  When we bake at home, we back with Harstone baking products.  They are natural stone products that do not require oils or sprays when baking with.  A good example would be the muffin pans that don't even require paper to pour your batter in.  Clean up is a cinch too because you can take your stone bakeware products and put them directly into the dishwasher.

Fiesta also has a full line of Fiestaware baking and cooking products.  Cassarole pans, baking trays, muffin pans, etc. come in all the same great colors you come to expect from Fiesta.

For cook ware, check out the Iron Skillet manufactured by Lodge out of Tennessee.  Literally, they've been making these cast iron skillets for decades and although some minor things have changed in the manufacturing process, the quality remains the same.  I remember as a kid smelling the gravy my gandmother was making on her Lodge Skillet.  As she told me when I moved out on my own, "everybody needs a skillet."

Hartstone Baking Stones

Hartstone Pottery makes great American Made, Organic bakeware.  The Hartstone Pottery bakeware is made out of natural stone, is organic, dishwasher safe, and is offered in a wide range of products.


Fiesta Bakeware has been around a very long time filling cupboards and cabinets with fine, American Made Kitchen products.  Fiesta bakeware offers Pizza Trays, Pie Bakers, Casserole Bakers, Baker Pans, and other baking product.

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron still manufactures cast iron skillets and other cookware out of their Tennessee factory.  How many kitchens do you remember as a child used cast iron to cook with, whether it was a skillet, dutch oven, or even a griddle?  Lodge imports their enamel coated cookware but the cast iron products are still made in the USA.  Cast iron has great heat retention and will last a lifetime.


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