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I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "I wish things were still made in America."  My American Kitchen is proud to offer several kitchen products that are made right here in the USA.  Fiesta dinnerware, Fiesta plates, and Fiesta serving pieces are high-quality, yet affordable dinnerware that continues to be made in America, almost the same way since they were originally made decades ago.

Almost everyone has seen the Homer Laughlin brand, Fiesta (formerly Fiestaware).  You may not realize it but chances are that you own it, your parents owned it, or their parents owned it.  

We continue our committment to American made kitchen accessories by offering the full line of Homer Laughlin's Fiesta Dinnerware products.  As always, these products continue to be American Made and feature the high quality craftsmanship synonmous with decades of Fiestaware products.

Your Source for American Made Dinnerware Featuring the Fiesta Line by Homer Laughlin

Plates and Dinnerware Related Products Featuring Fiestware

Fiesta DinnerwareFiesta dinnerware offers a wide range of kitchen products in all of the line's vibrant colors. From typical tableware to fashionable kitchen accessories, all of these helpful products are made in the USA.

Fiesta provides a beautiful selection of plates, bowls, flatware and glassware in order to ensure a handsome place setting. On top of this, they offer matching serving accessories such as cream and sugar holders, salt and pepper shakers, and serving utensils. To make planning easier, Fiesta offers 4 piece and 5 piece table setting packages. With so many pieces to choose from, it is simple to create a beautiful kitchen using pieces in matching or even complementary colors.

The selection of pitchers from Fiesta dinnerware offers several options when serving drinks. First is a very elegant, 60 ounce carafe with a large handle. They also offer three disc pitchers. The first is a 67 1/4 ounce pitcher with a sloping handle. It features beautiful asymmetry when viewed from the side. The second is a smaller, 28 ounce duplicate. Finally, they offer an adorable miniature version of this pitcher. They also make two stout, round teapots. They come in 44 oz and 20 oz sizes. Each of these peices would make a lovely, colorful addition to any kitchen.

A variety of Fiesta plates is available in all of Fiesta dinnerware's beautiful colors. All of the plates are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and made in the USA! Their salad and bread and butter plates are 7 1/4" and 6 1/8" in diameter, respectively. Together, these pieces set an excellent tone for the aesthetic of any meal. Fiesta also offers 11 3/4" chop plates. Finally, there are 9" luncheon and 10 1/2" dinner plates. All of these pieces come in the rage of Fiesta's color options and combine to create a beautiful table setting.

Fiesta Dinnerware BowlsAn extensive selection of fiesta bowls is available. For eating, there are chowder, gusto, and fruit bowls, as well as a versatile 19 oz "medium" bowl. The gusto bowl holds 24 oz and is perfect for serving chili or stews. Fiesta dinnerware also makes a line of serving bowls. The large serving bowl is 3" high and holds 64 oz, making it perfect for serving most courses. A beautiful, slightly smaller oval serving bowl is also available, which holds 52 oz. Finally, there is the new hostess serving bowl, which is taller than the others at 4", making it ideal for soups or other moist dishes. The hostess bowl holds 28 oz. All of these bowls are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Fiesta makes a versatile line of Fiesta serving platters. First are several sizes of oval-shaped serving platters. The smallest is 9 5/8" long and 6 7/8" wide. The medium oval platter is somewhat larger at 11 5/8" long and 8 7/8" wide. Finally, the large platter is 13 5/8" long and 9 1/2" wide. For serving needs that cannot be met by even the large oval platter, there is the new extra large serving platter. At 19 1/2" long, it is capable of meeting even the largest serving needs. A 12" long bread tray is also available. What better way to impress guests than to have a matching set of serving ware, all the way down to the bread tray? All of these pieces are made in the USA!

Cups, mugs, and saucers are a big part of the Fiesta dinnerware line. They offer a 21 oz cappucino mug, a 12 oz java mug, and a unique looking, 10 1/4 oz Fiesta mug. The Fiesta cups come in two sizes: 7 3/4 oz and the 18 oz jumbo cup, which could double as a small bowl. Saucers are available in regular and jumbo sizes in order to fit under all of the line's dishes.

Fiest Dinnerware MiscFiesta makes pieces that are made in the USA to meet all serving and baking needs, even the most specific. They make a beautiful egg tray for example, which is perfect for serving deviled eggs. Also available is an 8 oz ramekin for sauces. They offer square, rectangular, and oval bakers for oven cooking. Two sizes of pie bakers are available, a 31 oz dish and a 14 1/2 oz dish. Pizza baking trays also come in two sizes, 15" and 12". A gigantic, 70 oz casserole is available to meet the needs of any casserole enthusiast. Finally there is a three piece mixing bowl set to assist in baking preparation.

Tight-sealing canisters come in three sizes, 1 qt, 2qt, and 3 qt. They were originally produced for Betty Crocker and feature a rubberized ring to keep air out. Fiesta also provides a 45 oz untensil crock for the beautiful display of flatware.

Fiesta offers a range of Fiesta kitchen accessories that can really pull a kitchen together. Salt and pepper shakers come in two varieties. The first is just over 4" tall. The second is 2" high and shaped like small spheres. An 18 1/2 oz sauce boat is available to match any dining set. They also make 8" long spoon rests, which are extremely helpful and classy additions to any dinner table. Finally there is a 10" long sugar and cream set which comes on a tray and looks quite attractive. All of these pieces are dishwasher safe and made in the USA.

Fiesta flatware comes in many varieties from this line. A five piece hostess flatware set provides all of the utensils any host may need in his or her serving duties. A matching five piece place setting is also available. In terms of sharp knives, Fiesta produces an 11 piece flatware cutlery set and a six piece steel steak knife set.

A selection of Fiesta glassware is available. These pieces are made of glass, as opposed to china and have rings of pigment that match the china line's colors, making them excellent accent pieces. There is a 16 oz. all purpose goblet, a 16 oz tapered glass featuring rings of color, and a matching 7 oz juice glass.


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