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Buy Fiesta Plates and Dishes at Wholesale Prices

FIESTA-466 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Dinner Plate

Starting at $17.00
FIESTA-464 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Salad Plate

Starting at $11.50
FIESTA-465 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Luncheon Plate

Starting at $15.00
FIESTA-467 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Chop Plate

Starting at $30.00
FIESTA-463 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Bread and Butter Plate

Starting at $8.00
FIESTA-470 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Coffee Cup Saucer 6 inch

Starting at $8.98
FIESTA-293 The Homer Laughlin China Co.

Fiesta Jumbo Saucer

Starting at $10.98

Ask a family member, aunt, grandmother, mom, etc. if they've ever owned Fiesta dinnerware products and you will get one of two answers....Yes I do or I wish I did.  That's because Fiesta dinner plates, lunch plates, and other types of plates manufactured by Fiestaware are as American as Apple Pie.

Still manufactured in the USA, which is a feat in of itself, Fiesta Dinnerware is still going strong.  As a matter of fact, Fiesta plates, bowls, and kitchen accessories are as popular as ever.  If you own Fiestaware you know why, if not, order a peice and you will be a customer for life.  That's because Fiestawre is made to last and last they will. 

Simply picking up a Fiesta dinner plate tells you all you need to know.  It is heavy and substaintail.  What does this mean?  It means these products are made they way products should be made.  Strict manufacturing standards mean they will last a lifetime.  Fiesta dinner plates won't chip or flake.  They manufacturing process means they maintain their color and strength for generations.  Dishwasher safe means you don't have to hand wash them.  Simply scrape off the food and throw them in the dishwasher and they'll come out brand new looking.

My American Kitchen offers the full line of current Fiesta kitchen dinnerware to include the standard Fiesta dinner plate, the smaller Fiesta salad plate, the heafty Fiesta chop plate, evan a luncheon plate and bread and butter plate.  You name it, we have it.


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