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LHE is a company that owns and operates a family of websites that deliver a wide range of quality products and services.

Founded in 1994, Ron Henry was a pioneer in internet marketing.  Ron started selling security related products back in the late 1980's and was an early pioneer of online marketing.


We own and operated a variety of websites that market everything from doorbells, wireless door chimes, driveway alarms, security cameras, security mirrors and much more. 

Through years of testing a variety of products along with customer feedback, we have a highly specialized group of products.  We stand behind these products as being high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective.  Most of our products are geared for the do-it-yourself installer. These means you can have high quality products that you can install yourself and save some money.

Reasons to shop on the LHE family of sites:

1800Doorbell is our flagship website marketing doorbells, wireless door chime, driveway alarms, exit alarms, entrance alerts, and LED lighting control products.  1800doorbell maintains stocks all of its items and ships out the following business day for a low flat rate of only $4.95

MirrorPros markets security and safety mirrors made in the USA.  Security mirrors play an active role as an effective crime deterrent and preventative safety.  Whether you are looking for a convex mirror, vehicle inspection mirror, flat public restroom mirrors, or dome mirrors, mirrorpros.com carries a large selection.  Best of all, all the mirrors by MirrorPros are made in the USA.

Security2020.net focuses on high-quality security products. Fake and decoy security cameras are a cost effective crime deterrent, while Trilogy locks by Alarm Lock represent the best-in-class keyless locks.  We are proud to announce our partnership with Rescue Alert who provide outstanding medical alerts and products that provide safe and effective emergency monitoring for customers.

My American Kitchen carriers a variety of kitchen products and accessories all made in the USA.  Many people think quality products that are made in America don't exist.  Not only is this incorrect, there are some top-quality products made.  Fiesta dinnerware (Fiestware), HK Adams, Tervis Tumblers, Lynnes Whim, Hartstone and Lodge Cast Iron are examples of fine products that are made in America.

Products Manufactured by LHE

WC-180:  The WC-180 is a wireless door chime set that features a wireless doorbell push button and a plug-in receiver.  The receiver features a flashing strobe light that flashed in accordance with one of three tunes the receiver can play.  This product is a great wireless doorbell but also servers to help those who are hard of hearing or in a noisy environments.

The Driveway Informer is a best-in-class wireless driveway alarm system with a range of up to 2000 feet.  This driveway alarm uses a PIR sensor to detect movement and then sends a wireless signal to a plug-in receiver to notify the user when a car or person enters the monitoring zone.

DuraMir is a revolution convex or dome mirror that's virtually unbreakable. The mirror image is sharp and crisp but want break or shatter.  If you have an area where potential vandalism may occur, or where breakage could harm people, this is an excellent choice.

Please check back often.  We are working hard to add new products and improve the user experience on our website.


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